Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Things

Thought for the day:

If you are feeling a bit of the winter blues, take heart- you are not alone! I am taking Julie Andrews' cue from the Sound of Music and thinking of some of my favorite things to help ease these chilly, staying indoor kind of days. As I buckle down for the deepest and longest stretch of this cold winter season, I make a decision to focus on gratitude.

Some of my favorite things of winter that put a smile on my face:

warm woolen mittens, a colorful knitted cap made by my mom, a cup of hot spiced tea (have you tried any of the Yogi teas?), cozy flannel sheets, a bowl of yummy lentil soup, warming ayurvedic therapeutic oils, bedside books I am reading now (Positive Energy by Judith Orloff and Everyday Dharma by Lama Willa Miller), a comfy afghan to cuddle in, the winter sky (the BEST stars- so clear!), indoor green house plants that remind me of nature & the outdoors, a low winter sun that casts great light in my front living space, hot oatmeal with bananas & a sprinkling of pure, winter maple syrup, and spotting a snowman that a child has built.

What are some of your favorite things of winter?

With love & light,

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