Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breaking Up With Coffee

I confess. I am a coffee drinker. You might call me a one a day cupper. I pour a mug. Add milk, sugar, and a little vanilla flavoring. Delish! But me, a coffee addict? Nonsense! It’s only one cup a day. Perhaps you find that you are in a similar relationship. But now, I ask you. Have you ever wanted to break up? End it once and for all, cut all ties, and move on? I have, a few times in the past. But somehow, coffee and I get together (sometimes by accident!) and before I know it, we’re in a relationship once more. But coffee and I haven’t been doing well lately. Mentally, it’s been bothering me that I have been resistant to letting go of one cup a day. How hard can that be? In addition, my belly has been feeling ‘off’. My intuition is telling me it’s the coffee again. I am ready to agree.

The intuitive term, “I feel it in my gut” expresses the notion that a lot more is happening there than digestion. We may know things to be true, but often the mind takes over and creates a different story. My mind has been indicating to me that it can’t be the coffee. After all, it is only one cup. My practice of yoga has taught me a thing or two in recent years. One is to listen to my gut and what it has to say. It will always tell me the truth. Even about coffee.
Now I begin to take the necessary steps to dissolve this relationship. Step 1: Write these words down- I am breaking up with coffee. Check. Step two: Make it public (thank you readers!). Check. Step three: Put the coffee maker away. Check. Tomorrow I am bringing out the variety of teas that have been growing as a lovely collection in my panty and placing them in a pretty glass jar on my kitchen counter. I will softly boil the water and wait for the soft whistle. I will make a choice between Classic India Spice, Mountain high chai, and Tulsi original. I will gently pour the water in the mug and allow the tea to brew slowly. I will wait, sigh, and dream because there’s something about tea that allows for contemplation and softness. Coffee says “let’s get going, I’m ready!” Tea responds “What’s the rush? Sit and stay awhile”. My breathing will relax and I will understand that my decision was right yet again.

I invite you to take a moment to listen to your inner voice. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Place the palms of your hands on your belly. Breathe deeply and slowly. Listen. And wait. Are you in a relationship with a habit that you are ready to let go of? What words do you hear whispering to you today?
With peace and love,
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