Monday, January 17, 2011

What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

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I had a dream last night. It was the kind of dream where you feel like you don’t have control. I woke up in an anxious state. Have you ever had those kinds of dreams? I was teaching a high school class. The dismissal bell rang and as I walked out into the corridor and prepared to leave, I heard a commotion in the next classroom. Although the door was closed, I peered through the door window and saw that two girls were fighting. I felt my heart racing and tried to open the door to intervene. It was locked. I turned to shout for assistance, but my voice was locked and only a small whisper came through. I attempted to vocalize the word “help!”, but to no avail. Frantically, I ran down the hallway and found two teachers. Through the wild motions of my arms and charged look on my face, they finally got the message and followed me. They were able to separate the girls and brought them to the nurse’s office. When I went in to see how they were, I stepped back in shock. Both of the girls looked like me.

I have been self-analyzing this dream today. What was my sub-conscience expressing in my dream state? One of the last things I thought about last night before going to bed was whether I should open my blog writing to a wider audience. The self-exposure of thoughts is a scary process. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted my words ‘out there’. It made me feel vulnerable. I kept hearing two voices in my head challenging each other. My more liberal voice repeated, “Yes, do it!” and my more conservative one kept responding, “No! Why would you do that?” I believe those two voices were fighting it out in my sleep and voila! My dream materialized.

This morning I made my decision. I would share my blog with the bigger world. I began sending out e-mails. For some, this would really not be much of a decision. For me, it was huge. This decision asked me to accept my feelings of fragility and place trust in the process. I had decided to put my intention to express my creative energy through writing out there and now it was necessary to let the universe take it where it was to go. I felt excited, nervous, and brave. The decision felt right.

Dreams and the world we inhabit during our sleep are extensions of our deeper selves. Like a puzzle, they can express what our deeper conflicts and desires are. Experiment and observe. Take a look inside. What are your dreams trying to open your eyes to today?
xoxo Linda

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