Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When the Well Runs Dry

When the Well Runs Dry

You may have been wondering where I have been lately. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. I am glad to write that I am making my way back with a little more self-compassion and, I believe, a whole lot more wisdom.

The notion of being ‘busy’ means different things to different people. One person’s busy-ness is another person’s leisure. Days filled with one activity after another, including fun, social engagements, are absolute bliss for some. But, if you are like me, perhaps you too find that too much busy-ness doesn’t enhance energy, but rather pulls from it. Truth be told, it sucks me dry. I admit it. I need- actually require, lots of alone time. Busy-ness doesn’t bode well with my natural state. I grow cranky and tired, and feel consumed by external energies, whether they come from people or events. Don’t get me wrong. I like people, really I do. And I worry about being misread. But like a turtle, I have learned that it is important to treat my authentic Spirit with care; and sometimes that means retreating and going inward.

Lately, my job, my daily routine, my responsibilities, my hobbies, even my vacation in Mexico all caught up with me. Too busy! Activities I enjoyed doing no longer held the appeal that they used to. But, I wasn’t paying attention. I had somehow lost track. Although I was able to feel relaxed on my trip, I had strayed from my path long enough that a one week vacation in the sun, although grand, wasn’t enough. It took a stomach issue for my mind, my body, and my spirit to finally listen and realize that it was time to slow down, let go, and re-connect. So I did.

I began by reviewing what I had been eating. Vacation food, seeming like a good idea at the time, had taken its toll. I spent a few days de-toxing with ginger-vegetable broth soup and herbal teas. I read. I wrote. I slept. I came home from work and took naps. I scanned my body and it showed me what busy-ness had done and where I ached and felt tight. I decided to not attend a long-anticipated (and already paid) weekend yoga training workshop. My mind said, “Yes, go!” My Spirit disagreed. And I let it go. I postponed social get-togethers. I got blood work done. Although by my general practitioner’s standards I was quite healthy, I didn’t feel it. So I continue to practice ‘self-care’ with herbs, fruit & vegetable smoothies, homemade soups, and self-compassion. I practice saying “no”. I go for leisurely bike rides and allow the sun to caress my skin. I have shifted my personal lens in order to view some alternative perspectives that better support the vision I have for an authentic life. Before every anticipated activity I remember to ask myself, “Is this what my authentic self really needs right now?” and I await the response. I try and steer clear of certain energies I know are not aligned with the needs of my Spirit. I am surrounding myself with quietness and it is beginning to feel good and sweet again.

It is vital to continue to educate ourselves on self-care and demonstrate deep respect for the sacred container (body) in which our Spirits live. How we eat, what we think, how we treat our bodies and spirits, what energies we surround ourselves with- these all have an impact on our well-being. Our state of “busy-ness” can deter us from the space that is needed to make better choices about our time and our lifestyle. Commit not only to wellness check-ups but also to personal check- ins. What is going on in your inner life and sacred container right now? What is your “busy-ness” preventing you from noticing? Many illnesses begin with stress and busy-ness. Stop and take a look. Your life may depend on it.

“Our soul is seeking our attention.” ~Denise Lampron

Sprinkling some quiet space into your day, Namaste,