Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gift of Yoga Practice

The practice of yoga is cracking me open little by little. By nature, I am a very private person. I take small, baby steps not big, bold ones, to get to the next stage of my life. I am careful about friendships and tend to limit myself to an intimate few. The first year after YTT (yoga teacher training), I really did not pursue yoga teaching. I attended classes and workshops and I continued my own personal practice. To be honest, I was a little confused about this. Why was I not teaching? Lately, the crack has been opening alittle more. There was no need to rush. Everything has its own time. I had to learn to be patient, And that is where writing came back into my life. I had adored writing when I was a child and a teen (I was going to be a writer), but somewhere along the way, it trinkled down to nothing and disappeared from my life. Recently, I have rediscovered its joy. The freedom, the expression of spirit, and the way it makes me feel authentic and real. My yoga practice has unblocked and rediscovered the creative energy that lay dormant inside me. It feels wonderful! It started with journaling and has expanded to blog writing and writing meditations for friends and family. I started writing the blog in late autumn. It is still a work in progress. Going "public" was scary for a private person like me. So at first, no one knew about the blog. But now, I am feeling a desire to share more. To not be so private and careful, but to continue expanding, opening, and breathing. Trusting and knowing that my breath will be along on the journey. There are so many beautiful spirits out there I want to connect with. Do you find that too? My heart is directing me now. I feel that my yoga practice is inviting the partnership of writing in. All of a sudden, it feels right. "There are years that ask questions and years that answer" (Zora Neale Hurston) . 2011 feels like a year where answers will happen. I am now teaching a weekly gentle yoga class at a local venue in town. I have led a workshop on "ahimsa" at a local home studio and will be leading a"satya" conversation there in a February gathering. I am looking into "yoga and writing" workshops (I have found some great ones out there!) and my intention is to lead "yoga and writing" workshops for yoga practitioners and for "secret" writers like myself. I believe I have found my niche. Is this what my spirit has been preparing me for? Therefore, with a courageous, open heart and a trusting hand extended in friendship, I invite you to take a look at the beginnings of this, my blog writing. As cracks widen and more light begins to shine through, I intend to excavate and share deeper parts of my spirit with readers and the people in my life. You can subscribe to the blog and receive updated blog posts by e-mail. I welcome your comments under posts and hope to continue to learn from you as well. As my writing and yoga practice lead me back to the authentic corners of my soul, I expect my blog to evolve and grow as I will. I look forward to sharing this path of life with you. This reminds me of Rumi's wonderful quote: "Out beyond the ideas of right-doing or wrong-doing there is a field- I'll meet you there". What is expanding in your spirit right now?

With light and love and friendship,

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