Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Does Your Yoga Practice Mean To You?

What is this practice of yoga? The reasons why we originally came to our mats are diverse and different for everyone. I can hardly remember why I began practicing yoga- it's as if yoga has now always been an integral part of my life. Through the years, this practice has evolved from a completely physical practice to a practice of body, mind, and spirit integration, which is still in progress. My increased physical flexibility has been a stepping stone to increased mental flexibility. Learning to breathe again (how did I survive all those years without breathing properly?!) has created a foundation for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to which I may return over and over again. When I come back to my mat again and again, I feel a sense of peace and relief. The lessons that I learn about myself on my mat travel with me off the mat. The practice of yoga has supported me through the many different situations of my life. I have come to learn that yoga practice is more than just "doing" poses and relaxing. It has become a daily practice and a way of living.

I'm interested in listening to your thoughts. Let's begin a conversation of sharing. Why did you begin the practice of yoga? What does yoga mean to you? Thank you for sharing!

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